180-181-182 Series Cars (1925-1928)

No. 180 Buffet / Club

The 180 series cars were introduced in 1925. They were the same as the 187-188-189 cars except they had six wheel trucks.

Circa 1925 - Rubberstamped lettering with journal trucks. The orange example above is typical, the lettering on the light green example below is NOT.

Circa 1926-1927 - Brass plate version in light green with 'Club Car' plate.

Circa 1926-27, Orange 180 with brass plates.

Circa 1925 - This one is maroon and darker than the red/maroon version, it also has different window trim, at least in the example above. 

181 Parlor Car

Circa 1925 - The red or maroon version is hard to find and came with a matching 3243. The example below is a darker maroon and has gold window trim.

Circa 1925 - Orange see 180 for details

Circa 1926-27 - Light green see 180 for details

Bottom of No. 181 from 1925 showing trucks and coupler assembly.

182 Observation

Circa 1925 - Orange see 180 for details - The example below is a darker orange and has a black painted deck.

Circa 1926 - Light Green see 180 for details

Circa 1926-27. Orange brass plate version, we're thinking that this may have been used in a Bankers Special, since we've never seen the 181 car in this variation.

Circa 1928 - This very late No. 182 is found in the light green color used only in 1928. Note the brass window inserts, brass American Flyer air tanks and pure IVES observation deck.

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